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Generating Insights  from Biological Data

Our Services 

Capturing, analyzing and representing knowledge in life sciences ...

Custom curation and systematic review of biomedical literature ...

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Building  and  enrichment of Ontologies and Terminologies ...

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Extraction of metadata information from figures, text, and tables...

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About Us

Causality Biomodels is a biocuration and knowledge extraction company that leverages upon transformative technologies in computer science as well as expert human curation to extract semantic information in published sources in order to create valuable knowledge models in life sciences.

What we do goes beyond the scale and breadth of traditional ‘curation’ in life sciences: by capturing the causal and correlative relationships among biological events, we generate meaningful biological networks that hold the key to identifying the causalities of complex diseases  as well as their cures.  

We are a provider of industry-leading solutions in biomedical knowledge discovery and research.


We help optimize the research efforts of our partners by enabling them to address their knowledge gaps through our comprehensive evidence-backed cause and effect network models.

Our diverse portfolio of services is specifically streamlined to address the most complex research questions in biological sciences- disease specific knowledge maps, ontologies and terminologies, scientific knowledge extraction and curation, to name a few.  

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What we do goes beyond the scale and breadth of the traditional "Curation" in life sciences

Customers and Collaborators

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