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We help our clients to identify the most relevant sources of scientific knowledge

Stack of scientific publications for knowlede extraction at Causality biomodels

Content Curation & Enrichment

We conduct  comprehensive and systematic review of literature across diverse biomedical databases to identify studies that are most relevant to specific research questions. Our panel of expert knowledge scientists are adept in formulating bespoke keywords and performing exhaustive literature surveys using our state-of-the-art semantic query tools. The text mining approach, combined with manual evaluation result in improved retrieval rate of relevant articles and ensures the specificity and quality of the literature corpus generated.

We also undertake custom content curation to capture, organize and standardize heterogeneous data from biomedical literature. This includes customizable extracting, tagging with controlled vocabularies, and mapping it to standard terminology or databases according to client-specific curation guidelines. Our meticulously drafted literature review and curation protocol warrants that the resulting compilation is unbiased, free of ambiguities & duplicates, and all the user defined criteria -inclusion/exclusion criteria, limits applied, boolean operators' combinations in keywords, etc.- are met. We also provide support for visualization and contextualization of the curated content and custom analyses services to manage and derive substantial scientific value from the raw data sets. 

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