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On one hand, there are complex multi-factorial diseases whose causal mechanisms are not yet understood...

DNA strands depicting research &analysis at Causity Biomodels

Research & Analytics

At causality Biomodels, we undertake collaborative research with partners who are actively engaged in knowledge discovery and management in life sciences. The majority of our research allies are early adopters of technology from diverse fields of biology and include large & emerging pharma, biotech, clinical research organizations, and academia. The co-operation is realized through sharing of know-how and technology with the aim to enhance cumulative research efforts and gain strategic advantage by reducing the time-to-market and lowering the costs of therapeutic development.

Our clients have integrated our knowledge models into their research pipelines to address various R&D challenges. Some of them are, but not limited to:

Hypotheses representation and statistical validation

An icon for hypothesis representation and statistical validation at Causality Biomodels


Biomarker prediction

An icon for biomarker prediction at Causality Biomodels


Patient stratification and personalized medicine

An icon for patient stratification and personalized medicine at Causality Biomodels


Use Cases

A pharma research company in Europe doing fundamental research in neurodegenerative diseases had lots of data (-omics and clinical data) around the disease. The challenge was how to make sense out of this copious amount of data? What insights could be extracted from the data that could be applied in the drug discovery researchRead more..

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