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We, at Causality Biomodels, take utmost care to ensure the highest standards of quality in the products and services that we deliver

Men shaking hands, gesture of trust and quality assurance in Causality Biomodels

Our Commitment to Quality

We achieve this by adhering to a strict customer-oriented approach to every project that we undertake. Our experienced project managers take time to sit with the clients and understand their requirements to the minutest details. Once the project has been approved by the client, it is taken over by our accomplished scientists and developers. Each stage of the project is thoroughly scrutinized and has to be approved by the project lead. Through regular communication (written and verbal) and meetings (virtual/video conferences and face-to-face meetings), the project lead also ensures that all the stakeholders can constantly track the progress of the project. The project is concluded when all the deliverables are successfully validated by the client.

For comparatively subjective processes such as scientific knowledge extraction (custom curation & metadata extraction), we enforce a workflow combining 'inter-curator agreement' and 'hierarchical review' to enforce the strictest quality control. The inter-curator agreement is based on the degree of agreement between concepts from two independent and simultaneously performed extractions and is done to the extent as defined by the scope of the project. It is followed by the hierarchical review, where the extracted corpus is critically reviewed by specialists from different fields of biology against various parameters. The resulting compilation is free of artifacts and has a high level of confidence in terms of the inter-curator agreement, which is finally approved for delivery by the project lead.

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