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Guidelines to a complete application

What makes your application complete?

Your job application should have:

1.) Curriculum Vitae

A short summary of your:
a.) Personal information- Name, postal address, contact number, contact email ID and a passport size photo- we love to see your face!
b.) Career history and education history in descending chronological order (only up to and including bachelor’s level).
c.) Other achievements - both academic and non-academic that you find worthy to be mentioned. A link to your github repository featuring your previous achievements will make an impact.
d.) Please limit the CV to a maximum of 2 pages. A template can be found here. Please leave those sections in the CV which do not apply to you.

2.) Certificates – Copies of your degree certificates, experience certificates and other certificates supporting your entries in the CV.

All the documents should be in pdf format and should be packed into a .zip or .rar folder. Please submit your completed application at

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